AIDS and PC, a fatal combination

South Carolina adopted a perfectly reasonable method to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS in its prison  population: isolating those with the disease from the rest of the prison  population. Unsurprisingly, the demented P.C. crowd at the Department of Justice want to put a halt to that. J. Christian Adams writes in the Washington Examiner: Two unpleasant topics of conversation most of us avoid are the epidemic of HIV/AIDS among prison inmates and a variety of sometimes violent events resulting in transmission of the disease. Some states long ago implemented policies to protect the uninfected part of the prison population while providing exceptional medical treatment and counseling to the infected population.In South Carolina, it has worked so well since 1998 that there has only been a single transmission of HIV/AIDS to a noninfected prisoner. All that may change, however, thanks to a threat from Eric Holder's Justice Department.South Carolina received a letter from the...(Read Full Post)