Obama shows Virginia Dems out the door the Chicago way

Virginia's Democratic senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb campaigned as moderates, but have virtually guaranteed limiting themselves to single terms by supporting President Obama's radical big-government, job-killing agenda.

DNC chairman Tim Kaine was limited by law to one term as governor of Virginia. Kaine, however, saw fellow Democrat Creigh Deeds lose the governor's race in a landslide vote (17 %) last year to Republican Bob McDonnell, who just four years previously beat Deeds by the skin of his teeth (323 votes) for attorney general.

Prior to the election of President Obama, Virginia was, theoretically, getting bluer. Virginia Democrats outside the Beltway still supporting Obama, however, must be politically suicidal. Virginia Democrats inside the Beltway are part of the problem.

Virginia, under Governor Bob McDonnell, has converted a budget deficit into a budget surplus, is attracting private sector jobs, and even recently achieved one ranking as the top state for business.

That may have been too much for the Obama administration to take: proven success by rejecting the Obama agenda. Defense Secretary Robert Gates just announced plans to close a major military command in Norfolk, Virginia that employs over 5,000 people.

Virginia Dems now know the Chicago way.