Tea party redux in Bell, California

Bell, California has become the poster child for greedy public employees, a subject closely related to the TEA (taxed enough already) parties. The City Manager was making almost $800,000 a year, and the Police Chief nearly $500,000 in a city of under 40,000 souls. Yet, because Bell is heavily Hispanic and lower income, few are making the connection between what happened there last night and the rise of the tea parties. The two phenomena are closely related.What happened in Bell Thursday night? Ruben Vives and Jeff Gottlieb of the Los Angeles Times report:Bell's top administrators, whose hefty salaries have stirred public outrage and calls for investigations, agreed to resign Thursday night during a closed-door City Hall meeting. [...]The decision was announced at midnight to a crowd of angry Bell residents who anxiously had been waiting since the City Council began its meeting at 4:30 p.m. None of the administrators attended the session.The crowd erupted in applause after the...(Read Full Post)