The unbearable whiteness of being on Journolist (important update)

The left wing cabal  to manage the news known as Journolist is apparently guilty if one of the cardinal sins of the left: lack of diversity. Big Fur Hat, the comic genius who posts regularly on, has assembled head shots of the publicly identified members of the listserv group, and guess what? Not a single African-American is to be found. (See update below!)

Of course, many members' identities still remain to be uncovered. They are so ashamed of their behavior that they cower in the shadows. Perhaps there are a few African-Americans who will step forward and identify themselves, just to prove this wasn't a racially exclusionary group.

Update from Thomas Lifson:

Thank Gaia! The color barrier at Journolist has been smashed by Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, who admits his membership on Journalist today.  Here's his picture from The Atlantic.

However, the Journolist numbers still look rather racially exclusionary. One black out of 73 known members would never fly in a private company.

Update from Clarice Feldman:
Legal Insurrection has a picture of a group of Journolister at a WH briefing called after the election by Journolister Jared bernstein who went to work for Biden.

Among the attendees is Oliver willis. I emailed him and asked if he was a member but got back a non-answer. It is certainly possible he was one of the journolisters.I told him he was deflecting and asked again if he was and if he wasn't for an explanation of why he was invited to the WH with a group of Journolisters.