WaPo's profile of Netanyahu short on facts

Janine Zacharia, the Washington Post's Jerusalem correspondent, tries her hand at writing a profile of Prime Minister Netanyahu in the June 4 edition, but the real Bibi keeps slipping through her fingers. Readers of her article might be forgiven for asking: Will the real Bibi, please stand up and materialize in the pages of the Post? But they would be hard-pressed to find him in Zacharia's dispatch ("In Crisis, Netanyahu looks forward first -- Defiance Brings Israelis' Support -- But toughness can turn to pragmatism when needed", page A6).Not only is her analysis of the prime minister muddled and seemingly contradictory but she also fails to do justice to Netanyahu in her reporting -- or lack of it -- of his address to the Israeli people. "When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered his angry response to a cascade of international condemnation of Israel on Wednesday, he spoke first in Hebrew to a domestic Israeli audience," Zacharai begins her report....(Read Full Post)