Look who didn't have to stand in line for iPhone 4

Clout (I confess, I'm a native Chicagoan) has its privileges. While thousands around the country lined up in a cleverly manipulated marketing scheme to be first on their block to own the latest iPhone, one person with a major job (get it?) didn't have to wait; he had his handed it to him personally by Steve Jobs himself while visiting California.

As the Russian site RiaNovosti explains

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev became the first Russian to get the brand new iPhone 4, which are to go on sale on Thursday.

Medvedev will also bypass equally long wait times in Russia when the iPhone 4 goes on sale there sometimes in September.
And why was Medvedev in California?

During his visit to the Silicon Valley the Russian leader also visited the U.S. office of the Russian search engine Yandex.

The Yandex Labs center, based in Paolo Alto, California, is involved in scientific projects concerning mainly the optimization of online search technologies and other advanced research activities.

In addition, Mac News reports:

Medvedev also spent some time with Cisco chief executive John Chamber and San Francisco Mayer Gavin Newsom.

After the day-long tour of Silicon Valley, Dmitry Medvedev made his way to the Stanford University, where he made comments regarding possible business partnerships with the West. The President also touched on possible economy and business growth through new technologies, and how Russia is also in need of reforming its education and health care systems.

Nope Khrushchev, you didn't bury us--thanks to President Ronald Reagan (R) we buried you in technology, health and a way of life people wanted and we're all better for it.

Especially Russia..