Fed Agencies Join Arizona Boycott

The U.S. Border Patrol and the Department of Education have joined the attack against Arizona by canceling events which had been booked in the Grand Canyon state for later this year and next spring. Arizona's immigration enforcement law has been widely condemned by the Obama regime, his comrades in the party and their fellow travelers in the MSM despite the fact that very few of them have actually read the bill in question in the weeks since it was signed into law.

Here's a fun fact about SB1070, it is roughly the same length as "The Runaway General" article in Rolling Stone Magazine which was read, analyzed, verified and used to crucify General McCrystal in a matter of mere hours.

Fox News
reports that.

Any cancellations by the Department of Education and the U.S. Border Patrol may have been more out of a desire to steer clear of controversy than outright protest of the law. But Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who has written to dozens of cities and groups in a campaign to persuade them to end their boycotts, said it was disturbing to learn that the federal government would withdraw from the state over the issue.
The Department of Education has canceled a convention in Arizona this year "at the request of one of our trilateral partners," and the U.S. Border Patrol has backed out of a North American Mobility convention scheduled at a Tucson resort for this October due to pressure from the Mexican government and also axed a U.S.B.P. conference which had been booked at a resort in Prescott for next May.

Giffords' office said the cancellations were confirmed by the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association. The congresswoman is among a number of Arizona officials who argue that the boycotts imposed by cities across the country do nothing to change the law and only punish workers and businesses there. The boycotts would hit the hospitality industry, which is made up in large part of Hispanic workers, particularly hard.


Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks said the apparent cancellations show the administration is using "federal agencies as political tools" to "harm our stat's economy for having the audacity to protect our citizens."
Here's another fun fact just in case anyone forgot. Last July (long before SB1070 was written) the relationship between the federal government and the sovereign state of Arizona was still strong enough that the Social Security Administration held a three day conference in Phoenix for 700 of their executives. According to ABC-15 in Phoenix the special outing (which cost the taxpayers roughly $700K) was convened to help teach SSA executives stress reduction techniques due to the "growing number of death threats being made against them."
The conference, which included a performance by a motivational dance company that was captured on tape by Phoenix affiliate ABC15, was held at the Arizona Biltmore, a hotel described at the "Jewel of the Desert" with an oasis of 39 acres of lush gardens, swimming pools and a golf course. SSA executives were invited to join in the dancing.
But the partying didn't stop there. Some of the government managers brought along their relatives, and there was a night excursion to a local casino.

Just a couple of months ago (after ObamaCare was forced down our throats) we learned that Social Security was now paying out more in benefits than it is taking in through taxation. Lucky for the SSA that they were able to receive stress reduction training last year in Arizona.