Obama Administration Planning to Circumvent Congress on Amnesty

In one of his final moves to fundamentally change how America operates, the Obama Administration appears to be circumventing regular congressional procedures on immigration reform by considering deferred action or parole on a massive scale for the more than ten million illegal aliens in the U.S. Typically these actions are carried out on a case by case basis, but Obama is anything but typical.

From Fox News:

Numbers USA , an organization that presses for lower immigration levels along with humanitarian treatment of illegal immigrants, has started a petition to the president expressing "outrage" at the alleged plan. 

Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations with Numbers USA, said she's been hearing for weeks from "sources close to the Democratic leadership" in both chambers that administration officials are discussing whether the Department of Homeland Security could direct staff to grant "amnesty" for all illegal immigrants in the country. 

"They're trying to figure out ways around a vote," she said. [snip]

Jenks said illegal immigrants granted parole are often allowed to seek permanent legal status. 

The President and his team of progressives see their popularity fading every day, and are cranking their bulldozer into high gear. Granting amnesty to millions of illegals may cause an untenable overload of processing them into the system, but who cares? The administration must complete its goal of collapsing the economy, and dividing the country by the November elections. Nothing like a perfect leftist storm before the Tsunami of 2010.