Women's equity in science

At the moment science and math education in the universities remain rather untouched by the PC dumbing down in the rest of academia. Is that about to change? "Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science," was passed unanimously by the House Science Committee on April 28. The amendment includes support for workshops to enhance gender equity. The full House may vote on the bil l as early as this coming week. One has only to read the AWIS mission in the pdf file, with all its fluffy buzz words to see in what direction this is going, and I'd not predict a continuing leadership role for the U.S. in science and engineering. Rick Moran adds:This is the same nonsense liberal academics have tried before and it has its roots in the notion that there is no such thing as physics or chemistry, but rather there exists "Women's physics" or "African American chemistry." The idea comes to us via deconstructionism where the "White male power...(Read Full Post)