Greeks are no tea partiers

Hey Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post and all the other increasingly non mainstream media, those deadly rioters on the streets of Athens, whose vicious violence is causing death and destruction in the area some consider the cradle of modern civilization are not tea partiers.

They're leftists, liberals--"progressives" if you will, socialists and out and out Communists who have turned to violence upon being told that their party--the one of doing nothing but living well; retirement at 55, getting paid for 14 months of work--is so over, so, to use a liberal term, unsustainable.

No, that defiant banner draped over the Acropolis is not the Greek version of the dreaded Ku Klux Klan but rather a proud sign of Communism--note the hammer and sickle and the sign urging the peoples of Europe to rise up. Well yes, that would be nice. Rise up peoples of Europe, stand straight, don't expect others, i.e., the US to subsidize you with our military which has kept you safe for nearly 70 years and other goodies while you loll around sneering at the US and trading with Iran. Yeah, Greece, enjoy that German bailout but don't expect the US to do it also.

The tea partiers in the U.S., who work hard for their money and retire at 65, maybe, (except for auto union members who retire after 30 years from now broke auto manufactuerers) want to keep our hard earned money here. And if the non msm doesn't like it, they can underwrite you.