Slamming Israel in NY Times' 'Jerusalem Journal'

It's bad enough when American Jews oppose their own people out of ignorance, misguided leftwing thinking, self-hate, or any variety of other reasons; but I find it particularly disgusting when an American Jew whose own son is serving in the Israeli military gratuitously bashes the State of Israel, perhaps merely as way of trying to demonstrate the supposed "objectivity" that has kept him on the job as Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times. But such is the case with Ethan Bronner, who once again slams the Jewish State in his "Jerusalem Journal" article in today's edition. Bronner uses the reporting of simultaneous Israeli and Palestinian literary festivals in the Israeli capital city this week to portray Israel as mean oppressors of a Palestinian people about whom he quotes a liberal British Jew as saying regarding a visit to the West Bank, "You hear so much about the rage, the violent mood," he said, "but I have found a language...(Read Full Post)