The view from across the pond

As an American residing in the UK, I often observe that the Brits cannot understand our country. They try, they send their correspondents and their cameras, but the analysis always misses the truth. So I must be crazy to attempt to assess the UK election today, the morning after. Nevertheless, here goes.

With my family, all of them "American thinkers", we have analyzed the situation that has resulted in a hung parliament and constitutional crisis. The country is left of center. Labour have clung to their ideology of progressivism despite many warnings of the failure of the nanny state across Europe. They intentionally divide the electorate over a fabricated class war. The "rich" are portrayed at every opportunity as the enemy of the multitude. David Cameron has been characterized over and over again as the one who would take away the handouts. Labour buys votes with promises of freebies and other goodies.

Ironically when the long view is taken, it is apparent that Conservative governments repair the economy, getting things going and growing again. Then the Labour Party takes power on the basis that the Cons have cut entitlements, and proceed to wreck it again. Nobody will say this grand socialist experiment has failed and broken Europe.

Division is deeply entrenched now. Confusion reigns. Weakness of leadership will bring lawlessness - as on the other side of the pond.