Selective detectives

Journalists can uncover just about any fact they want. They can also downplay, obfuscate, or totally ignore information that doesn't fit their templates. Joseph Sean McVey proves this point, especially in contrast to the media's treatment of Barack Obama. Since McVey's arrest at the Asheville (NC) airport we've learned more about this obscure Ohioan than we ever learned about the President. Media investigators wasted no time uncovering McVey's "birther" opinions about President Obama's residency status and qualifications for office. In the media's eyes McVey is a bona fide right-wing crank with the IQ of a turnip, just like every other opponent of the President's agenda. McVey also uses Obama's middle name--Hussein--confirming his place among single-cell organisms. Through the media's investigative prowess we've learned exactly what items McVey's car contained when he was arrested, from ballistics charts to police sirens. Oh, and speaking of arrest, only a few days...(Read Full Post)