Dripping with Irony; 'Los Suns'

Oh Man, checking out Michelle Malkin I found this killer takedown of the Phoenix Suns and their publicity seeking Los Suns gambit of the past week which is just drooling with irony.

A summary of ironic goodness:

How does the Phoenix Suns organization ensure that not just anybody gets into their games? Well, they issue tickets. Tickets (i.e., their papers) are an identification that people have paid the price for entry into their arena.

How do they enforce ticket collections? Well, their arena acts as a closed-in border wall with guarded doors being the only way people with tickets (i.e., their papers) can enter.

Isn't it funny how borders and proper ID (i.e., their papers) matters to their bottom line, but not America's?

And, don't the Suns have discriminatory seating arrangements where people with more money get the better seats? And aren't there ushers who ensure that people don't sit in seats that aren't their seats BY ASKING FOR THEIR PAPERS, IE, THEIR TICKETS?

There's more, so go here and read the whole thing. Michelle points out that the Sun's owner has his hand firmly in the back pocket of the federal government, taking bailout money through his banking businesses.

I wonder how many illegals this hypocrite, Robert Sarver, has maintaining the grounds of his various business interests? How many are employed at minimum wage with no benefits maintaining US Airways Center? How many illegals are scrubbing the toilets and sweeping the stands post-game? How many are out there in that life-sucking sun cleaning the windows of Sarver's office buildings so this rich fraud can have an unobstructed view of all that brown air? Think ol' Bobby boy wants to see that border controlled? Hey, I got some ocean-front property in Arizona I wanna sell you.

Like I said, this is simply drooling with irony.

Note to the NBA, NFL, MLB and every other major sports organization: stay clear of politics. It is the one refuge Americans have from the turmoil in our lives brought upon us by this incompetent administration. Take sides and you're going to get burned.