NYT Correspondent Turns Into Cheerleader For Rabid Anti-Israel Propagandists

In a May 18 dispatch by Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner, the New York Times reports on a "fierce debate" in Israel over a decision to bar Noam Chomsky from entering the West Bank to speak at a Palestinian university  ("Israel Bars Noam Chomsky From West Bank, Setting Off a Debate on Free Speech" page A4")I have no problem with the Times reporting that Chomsky was turned back when he sought admission to the West Bank from Jordan at the Allenby Bridge, nor about the pros and cons in Israel about whether or not he should have been allowed to gain entry.Where I do have a big problem with the Times is in the lengths to which Bronner goes to hide from readers Chomsky's long record of delegitimizing the Jewish state, defaming the memory of the Holocaust, and likening Israel to the horrors of Nazi Germany.In his lead, Bronner describes Chomsky as a "linguist, an icon of the American left."  In the next paragraph, Chomsky is further...(Read Full Post)