Early harbingers of the health care fiasco

The idea of a high-risk insurance pool for those with pre-existing conditions is too good to be swallowed up in the morass called Obamacare. We already had 35 state programs to consider and incorporate into a proven and workable national plan - but politics dictated haste over thoughtful consideration.One of the early features of Obamacare is the state-administered and federal-funded (for the first 5 billion) high-risk insurance pool. It will insure those turned down by pre-existing conditions. It starts this July. Is everybody on board? 12 states will let the feds administer the program - in case the 5 billion budget disappears before 2014 (it will). 22 states will try it themselves - that's 22 variations on the rules that congress didn't read before they passed it. 16 more states haven't decided. 35 states already had some kind of program for those at high risk, but Obamacare will require those to toe the new line nobody quite understands yet. Speaking of which, nobody knows what it...(Read Full Post)