Drill, Responsibly Baby

Not only the oil companies but we as Americans must begin to take responsibility for our part in the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.  Been to the store lately for groceries?  Shopping this Sunday at Home Depot or Wal-Mart?  Everything in the stores has been trucked in.  And you paid for your gas to get yourself there to purchase products that in turn were shipped by truck from the manufacturers to the stores. 

When was the last time the UPS truck pulled in your driveway? Planning a picnic this summer? Any products with plastic packaging are made with petroleum. And that includes all those foreign imports that used oil to ship it in, from anchovies to tires. So let's stop wagging and pointing fingers long enough to realize that no one wants an oil spill.

Every American who cares about the environment is watching in horror as this tragedy unfolds.  And we want answers. Where is American ingenuity to solve this ecological disaster?  Why did it take so long to scramble a response?  What measures will BP, Shell, Exxon, and others take to prevent this from happening again, because this is not the only oil spill that has happened, here or around the world.

Currently there 3,858 other platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico; the use of oil is not going away today or tomorrow.  Inclusive of any energy policy must be the demand for clear, effective response measures, that will ensure that we drill responsibly baby, drill responsibly.