Crony Philanthropy

The Manhattan Institute's Anthony Paletta writes at The Wall Street Journal about the Council of Foundation's conference last week in Denver. Describing the "tone of mutual congratulation" between the Obama White House and liberal statists in attendance who have overrun the formerly "independent" sector, Mr. Paletta's piece almost made me feel the slobber of the love fest he attended.Mr. Paletta describes the current focus of leftist-statist philanthropists as "‘transformative change' and political advocacy, including work with the Obama administration." Leftwing nonprofits wholeheartedly see themselves as a "partner" with not just big government, but especially with this President, including playing a "huge role" in implementing Obamacare and other job-killing, anti-free market measures already passed or that are in the Pelosi-Reid legislative queue.The conference featured a panel on the Citizens United Supreme Court decision,...(Read Full Post)