San Francisco's dirty little secret

I'm going to tell you a dirty secret...but don't tell anyone! Listen carefully.

San Francisco, that happy city of racial tolerance that celebrates diversity, that "sanctuary" city that welcomes illegal (not undocumented) aliens (not immigrants), that city that sits on an earthquake fault of the brain, has a dirty little secret. So secret, Carol Mo, San Francisco community organizer bravely had to go against the strictures of her profession and the nation's Community Organizer president when she revealed the "dirty little secret" to C.W. Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle

the realization that Asian residents are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men.

"It is San Francisco's dirty little secret," said Mo, a former Safety Network Community organizer in the Sunset District. "It's not news to us."

This was such a politically incorrect dirty secret that the media and government officials chose to keep it a secret by not reporting on it. In a minority march on SF's city hall where Asian minorities complained about intimidation the police and government officials, with the help of the media, minimized the problem, treating the complainers as...well, pesky tea partiers, people to be mocked, brushed off.

Hundreds of people marched into Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting to express their fear, frustration and outrage. But so far the response has been disappointing, particularly from the San Francisco Police Department. It seems intent on downplaying the role of race and its impact in the community.


City officials, including the Police Department, say these assaults are part of a larger crime picture where gangs of kids take advantage of a vulnerable group of small stature.


So, it is ok for gangs of kids, who happen to be African-American--and perhaps of large stature--to take advantage of small statured people who just happen to be Asian-American? And muggings and assaults are merely instances of "taking advantage" instead of outrageous crimes? And if some are vulnerable this is merely part of a larger crime picture by the invulnerable? As the truly professional community organizer that she is, Mo is having none of this politically correct whitewash.

But Mo participated in a 2008 survey by the Police Department in which about 300 strong-arm robberies were analyzed. "In 85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American," she said.

And how is San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom responding to these charges? He is telling his highly paid city commissioners not to attend any meetings or conferences in Arizona because that state is racially profiling its illegal aliens. As for the legal immigrants/residents of his city, whose safety he is sworn to uphold, he is discriminating against them by ignoring their legitimate complaints, downplaying their concerns. He is also racially profiling the minority perpetrators of the attacks by failing to hold them to the standards of decency expected of residents and further endangering the mainly decent blacks of the thugs' home communities.

In other words, like so many of his city's residents, he is a racist. And that is no secret!


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