San Francisco's dirty little secret

I'm going to tell you a dirty secret...but don't tell anyone! Listen carefully. San Francisco, that happy city of racial tolerance that celebrates diversity, that "sanctuary" city that welcomes illegal (not undocumented) aliens (not immigrants), that city that sits on an earthquake fault of the brain, has a dirty little secret. So secret, Carol Mo, San Francisco community organizer bravely had to go against the strictures of her profession and the nation's Community Organizer president when she revealed the "dirty little secret" to C.W. Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle the realization that Asian residents are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men."It is San Francisco's dirty little secret," said Mo, a former Safety Network Community organizer in the Sunset District. "It's not news to us."This was such a politically incorrect dirty secret that the media and government officials chose to keep...(Read Full Post)