'You're Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Tea Party Bigots Go Away!'

Sarah Palin appeared at the Tea Party Express rally on the Boston Common this morning.  The weather was a perfect 68 degrees and sunny, Boston's flowering trees are at their peak, the speeches were passionate, the music was good (although American Thinker contributor Lloyd Marcus had lost his voice), the crowd was in high spirits, and the traveling carnival of T-shirt and buttons salesmen was a boisterous affirmation of American capitalism.   For once in Boston, the loony leftists were a tiny minority.Or perhaps the numerous signs quoting the slave-owning Founding Fathers?  Or a sign praising the Little Satan, the terrorist state of Israel, oppressor of the Palestinian people:"Ima Bigot, Ima Racist, Ima Teabagger."One wonders why the Palin-haters wanted to spend such a beautiful day crashing a Tea Party.  I felt especially bad for a boy in his early teens with his mother, carrying an Obama sign in a sea of thousands of cheering Palin fans.  The...(Read Full Post)