Subverting the Subversives

There is much discussion on the Internet right now about these liberal subversives who intend to infiltrate the widespread Tea Party rallies planned for April 15 Tax Day. These infantile fools plan to make us look bad by shouting out racist, homophobic and other moronic slogans hoping that the media will be there in full force to record what a bunch of Neanderthals we conservatives are.

I propose we counter their efforts thusly: if one or more of these interlopers tries to highjack your rally with such sophomoric and moronic outbursts then you should immediately encircle said moron while pointing him/her out for the media cameras and begin screaming the most moronic slogan of all, Liberal! Liberal! Liberal!

And hey, think about the flipside of what these dumbasses are doing: henceforth and forever more, anytime some true Tea Partier becomes overzealous and his behavior is captured by the media all we need do is blame whatever transpires on liberal infiltrators. In fact, we can now stage really outrageous situations and then blame everything on the liberals, with Tea Partiers posing as liberal interlopers who got caught.

Man, this fool, Levin, has opened a door we conservatives can drive eighteen wheelers through. Can you just imagine some of the outrageous sound bites we can feed to the MSM to make liberals look like the intolerant idiots they are?

This is priceless...