Who are the Socialists in America?

With the attempted socialist takeover of health care in progress, it's time to look at some prominent socialists in America. The United States Senate has its' first self-described socialist member in Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator is a good reference point for understanding how far socialism has become legitimized in American political life. Recently, Gallup came out with a poll in which 36% of Americans viewed socialism positively. The mainstream liberal media has been quite shy at labeling modern day "liberals" and "progressives" as socialists because there's still a stigma with the label. To honest, patriotic Americans socialism means: long lines, shortages, corruption, and death by government. While Senator Sanders has embraced the socialist label, it time to look others who have taken the leap. The largest socialist organization in America, today, is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The goal of DSA is very clear, they state it on their...(Read Full Post)