Our fatalistic Iran policy

How is that for fatalism, leadership, etc (I could use other words)?

Why does the Jordanian king now say that relations between Jordan and Israel are at an all-time low? The Israelis have not really done anything differently, but America certainly has changed and has green lit or given a thumbs up for other nations and international bodies to change.

Let me guess - now comes weak sanctions against Iran that will be hailed as providing for peace in our time or/and a containment policy that will be ineffectual - when Hillary Clinton again touts the benefits of a security "umbrella" think of this one:

Nuclear weapons can be smuggled and launched from a bit of land in Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, or smuggled through to Hamas, or sailed on a ship in the Mediterranean, etc. So the exception for an attack by Iran is specious - contrails won't trace back to Tehran.

Besides, how likely would it be that Barack Obama would actually pull the trigger and tarnish his Nobel? Recall, he said in Cairo that no one nation should determine whether another nation has a nuclear weapon. So he all but telegraphed that America would not take action to stop Iran (and this point has been reinforced by Hillary Clinton and other administration officials taking military action off the table ).