Obama still can't throw

Yet another jaw-dropper for a president whose stock-in-trade is manufacturing a false image.  Yesterday, after botching the first-pitch at the Washington Nationals' home-opener, the president was asked a simple question: Who, while growing up, was your favorite Chicago White Sock?   Obama, who lived and worked in the Sox' South Side ‘hood, might have named a number of players-Bill Melton. Richie Allen. or Moe Drabowsky.

Instead, he whiffed.  Seems the White Sox fan can't name a White Sock (and refers to the well known former Chicago landmark Comiskey part as "Cominsky" park).  This is typical of Obama, who when not lecturing, is micro-managed to avoid conversation.  When off-script, with real people, he isn't the One, enlightening the masses, he's a misinformed phony.  The media, unfortunately, won't tell it like it is. 

And the president still looks really bad tossing out the first pitch at the National's opening day game against the Phillies.

H/T: Three Fingers of Politics

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts The Soldier One Radio Hour on Blog Talk Radio.


Greg Halvorson