'Leaks are always bad news.'

A friendly reader reminds me of this respecting the James Risen subpoena investigating national security leaks to the New York Times."COURIC: She served 20 years in the CIA, many undercover in the agency's counterproliferation division, rising to top positions and confronting one of the most ominous threats of our time.PLAME: Our mission was to make sure that the bad guys, basically, did not get nuclear weapons.COURIC: When senior administration officials leaked her name to reporters, they may have exposed other spies and damaged operations targeting Iran. CBS News has learned that she was involved in one highly classified mission to deliver fake nuclear weapons blueprints to Tehran. It was called Operation Merlin, and it was first revealed in a book by investigative reporter James Risen.COURIC: Are you familiar with that?PLAME: I don't think I can tell you.COURIC: He said the idea was to give the Iranians blueprints for the bomb that were seriously flawed to set them back. Does...(Read Full Post)