Go West Old Man...

The liberal establishment is in high dudgeon over the courageous action taken by the people of Arizona to deal with a federal government problem that Washington is both unwilling and unprepared to handle. Abetted as always by their media mouthpieces, the libs are frothing with indignation and calling for boycotts of anything and everything Arizonan. The blustering outrage has become so extreme that an Arizona congressman is calling on America to boycott his state. How's that for a Democrat representing the broad interests of his constituents? But then, as that link questions, just who are his true constituents?

Well, I say let ‘em boycott till their tongues hang out. Let the toddlers have their tantrums and hold their collective breaths until their faces turn purple. In the meantime, why don't we who have the good sense to recognize the courage and wisdom of Arizona's people take up the slack? Hey if the liberal snobs all pick other destinations for their recreations and conventions, that has to mean lots of hotel vacancies and perhaps even lower prices. No libs flying into Phoenix? Maybe you can get a lower airfare and better rental car deal. No waiting to get into a good restaurant? That sounds very appealing to this old conservative.

Personally, I find vacationing in places where there are no New Yorkers or San Franciscans to be a very attractive proposition. My past travel experiences have shown me that venues favored by liberal cosmopolites tend to suffer from the experience, with personnel in restaurants, hotels and transportation services exhibiting the same veneer of rude haughtiness they've come to expect from their overly-demanding guests.

It would also be very helpful to Arizona if the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck would do remote broadcasts from beautiful Arizona resorts and exhort their listeners and watchers to support an anti-boycotting program. Hey guys, it's a great time of year to visit and think how pleasant those golf links will be without all those liberal duffers cluttering things up.

So let's help our good-sense fellow citizens in Arizona by utilizing those very same services and facilities the libs are shrilly screaming about boycotting.  Instead of the trip I was planning to Colorado, this old man's going to head on west to Arizona. Oh, and I think we conservatives should all consider avoiding travel to those locales that choose to boycott Arizona, like California, New York and Mexico. That's not boycotting; that's just spending your hard-earned dollars wisely and with people you respect.

I just purchased a 9mm handgun from Sturm, Ruger & Company, a firearms manufacturer located in Prescott, AZ. Any of you in the market for a new addition to your armory should give them a look. They make high quality products and have a customer service program that is the envy of the industry.

It just could be that someday soon Arizona license plates will bear a wonderful new state motto:

The Liberal-Free State