A common sense idea regarding health insurance

Prior to jumping down the rabbit hole that is ObamaCare, perhaps we should consider another direction. End employer-provided health care now. Don't tax it, end it. Company paid health insurance was never a planned policy. It was a response to temporary and artificial restrictions on wages during World War II. Wage controls were in place and companies discovered another method to compete for employees - company paid health insurance. This was deductible by the business as normal operating expenses, something not offered to the individual. We have lived with this monstrosity ever since.Many problems confronting our health care system can be tied directly to this fateful course. Rather than building on the unintended consequences of this fateful decision of almost 60 years ago, why not attempt to correct the mistake? End the company-provided aspect now. Instead have each and every company pay directly to each employee what they are presently costing the company for health...(Read Full Post)