Double Cross Obama

In order to secure 2 votes for his health care bill, President Obama has directed the Department of the Interior to allow water to flow back into the San Joaquin Valley. The new announcement  asserts "the Bureau of Reclamation's 2010 Central Valley Project Water Supply allocations have increased throughout the valley as a result of additional precipitation, improved snowpack, and improved storage at Shasta Reservoir."

This clearly implies that now after 2 years of indecision there is enough water for both the Delta Smelt and the farmers. Thus the decision to allow the water to flow is irreversible as the river currents.

Having restored the water supply to their districts, California Democratic representatives Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa should now change their votes to "No" on the healthcare bill before them to achieve a double victory for their district: water flow and no government controlled healthcare. A promise to an unethical deceptive person is not promise at all.

Peter Landesman
( is the author of the 3D-maze book Spacemazes, with which children can have fun while learning mathematics.
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