WaPo hits trifecta of biased journalism today

The Feb. 1 edition of the Washington Post deserves a special place in any study of journalistic bias.  So let's spend a few moments scanning the news section, where semantic trickery abounds.On page A4, there's an article about the Obama administration promising to consider local opposition in deciding on a venue for the 9/11 trials.  The headline:  "Localities are promised a say in trials -- White House says it will hear cities' concerns about TERRORISM (my emphasis) cases."The article notes that the administration has to find a new locale following objections from New York officials to putting Khalid Sheik Mohammed and others accused "in the 2001 TERRORIST attacks on trial in federal court in Lower Manhattan."So far, so good.  9/11 definitely fits the precise definition of terrorism -- deliberate use of violence, including murder of civilians, in pursuit of an ideological, religious or political agenda.  But from here on out,...(Read Full Post)