Should NYT Jerusalem bureau chief be reassigned?

Clark Hoyt, the  public editor of the New York Times , believes Ethan Bronner, the paper's Jerusalem bureau chief, should be given an assignment somewhere else to avoid a perception of conflict of interest because his son has enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces.   I disagree. As a long-time journalist, I've had many bones to pick with Bronner's coverage -- but whatever criticism I've leveled has focused exclusively on his reporting, which often  bends over backwards so as not to cast Palestinians in  a bad light.  My basic beef with Bronner is that he looks at Israel and the Palestinians through two different lenses -- a sharp, unsparing one when it comes to Israel, abenign one when it comes to the Palestinians.  His reporting would be more balanced and objective if he looked at both sides through the same lens, preferably the former. However, since I've followed Bronner's reportage in...(Read Full Post)