Another Dem in Congress implodes (updated)

Saturday's Boston Globe reported that Congressman William Delahunt may not run for reelection. US Representative William Delahunt said yesterday that he is considering retiring from his congressional seat representing the South Shore and Cape Cod, although he portrayed his deliberations as routine and said they are not related to challenges from Republicans who are energized by Scott Brown's upset victory in last month's special Senate election."Every election cycle, I take my time, I think it through, and I think, not about whether I can win or lose, but: ‘Am I in a position to make a difference?' '' Delahunt, a Quincy Democrat, said in a telephone interview. "Can I achieve what I want to achieve outside of public life?''The timing of this story is interesting because yesterday the Boston media was also full of stories of one of Delahunt's more dubious achievements in public office, his role in the 1986 decision classify the shotgun death of Amy Bishop's 18 year...(Read Full Post)