Some steps Obama can take to show he 'gets it' on terror

How can President Obama be thought of as anything other than weak on terror?A full ten days after waiting three days to make his initial amateurish and inept response to the terrorist's attempt to bring down an American airliner on Christmas Day, Obama finally admitted that the person he had first referred to as an "isolated extremist" was indeed a bona fide al Qaeda terrorist. He gave what was supposed to have been a "strong speech" outlining his administration's renewed attempts to take terrorism seriously, including the time-tested bumper sticker line that "the buck stops here". But in reality, instead of the buck, it was his efforts that have stopped. His entire response, to date, has been, to use his own phraseology, is "just words".So President Obama has ordered some bureaucratic reviews to determine what went wrong. What went wrong is simple: his administration failed to stop what was probably the most obvious example of pre-meditated...(Read Full Post)