What is it that global warming skeptics are 'denying?'

Proponents of human caused global warming (called Anthropogenic Global Warming - AGW) like to call skeptics ‘denialists'.  But even AGW proponents have to realize that, over the past 20 years, their catastrophic predictions haven't materialized.  Even using the HADCRUT3 data, which I'm sure is suspect since it has the fingerprints of the CRU all over it, show temperatures stable and dropping slightly over the past 10 years while atmospheric CO2 continues its steady climb upwards.


Even the GISS weather station data cast more than just a hint of doubt on the AGW thesis.  See sample graphs here, here, here, here and here.  How long will the AGW community continue to beat their drum in the face of real data that contradicts their theories?  Will AGW proponents eventually be labeled ‘denialists'?  The AGW crowd should ask themselves this question - How long will they cling to their theories if the temperatures predictions in their models do not materialize?  Another 10 years?  At what point do they abandon them and use their science training to look for more accurate models?

Our country and our world need scientists to dive deep into the climate science and accurately derive models that we can use to guide us as we go forward.  But that much needed work is not being done because the majority of the climate science community has become myopic and fixated with CO2 being the major driver in global warming.  If the AGW crowd is confident in the science of their models then they should boldly state what will happen in the next 1-2 years and make that known to all.  They do themselves no favors by claiming that we are in a "pause" right now and "we wouldn't be surprised if more temperature records were to be broken over the coming year or so."  If they are confident in their models, then they should tell us when the "pause" will end and what the temperatures will be. 

Climate change is real and has occurred on this planet for 4 billion years and will continue again for another 5 billion years until our sun burns out and turns into a white dwarf.  Looking at temperature data obtained from the Vostok ice core measurements , we can see that the global temperatures increase drastically prior to entering an Ice Age.  And if you look at the periodicity of this graph you'll see that we are due for another ice age very soon.  Shouldn't we be more concerned with global temperatures plunging 8°C below average?  Why isn't the Climate Science community interested in this?  If the AGW crowd is right about CO2 raising the global temperatures then we need to start pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere to prevent another Ice Age!