Some steps Obama can take to show he 'gets it' on terror

How can President Obama be thought of as anything other than weak on terror?

A full ten days after waiting three days to make his initial amateurish and inept response to the terrorist's attempt to bring down an American airliner on Christmas Day, Obama finally admitted that the person he had first referred to as an "isolated extremist" was indeed a bona fide al Qaeda terrorist. He gave what was supposed to have been a "strong speech" outlining his administration's renewed attempts to take terrorism seriously, including the time-tested bumper sticker line that "the buck stops here". But in reality, instead of the buck, it was his efforts that have stopped. His entire response, to date, has been, to use his own phraseology, is "just words".

So President Obama has ordered some bureaucratic reviews to determine what went wrong. What went wrong is simple: his administration failed to stop what was probably the most obvious example of pre-meditated terrorism this country will ever experience. They don't get any easier than this one; and if President Obama can't stop this guy, the rest of us are well reasoned to ask, "who can they stop?"

The failures were numerous and inexcusable, yet to date, not one single person has been held accountable.

If the President is truly serious about fighting terrorism as he claims, there are several concrete steps he is obligated to take immediately. These include:

Removing Umar Farouk-Abdulmutallab, the Fruit of Kaboom bomber, from the criminal justice system and re-designating him as an enemy combatant so that the CIA can begin interrogating him to extract whatever intelligence he may have in order to protect us from future panty-bombers, and announce that we will use whatever methods are necessary, including waterboarding, to get this information.

Canceling plans to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators to New York City for trail in our criminal justice system have been scrapped and that the previously military tribunals which had been halted by his administration for these terrorists will be re-convened. In the report that President Obama commissioned that was timed to be released as a prelude to his speech, there were several portions that were redacted. Why? If Attorney General Holder, another embarrassment to the Obama administration's attempt at projecting an image that is strong against terrorism, gets his way, all this information and much much more will be handed to the terrorists defense team, to be disseminated to terrorists around the world so that they can use it against us.

Rescinding his initial executive order that the state of the art terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay will remain fully open and active.

Stopping the transfer of any additional terrorists from Guantanamo Bay back to Yemen to be recycled to the ranks of al Qaeda. Bush was wrong to try and thin the ranks of terrorists at Gitmo as well; but at least he did it only begrudgingly under intense pressure from the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media. Obama has no excuse.

Replacing the embarrassing inept and incompetent duo of Janet Napolitano and John Brennan. Attorney General Holder needs to be replaced as well. He has a longstanding history of looking favorably on terrorists of all sorts; and his performance before the Senate Judiciary committee to explain his decision to bring terrorists to New York City would be nothing short of laughable if it wasn't so shameful. This trio of not-so-useful idiots have made us the laughingstock of most of the civilized world, and if Obama is really concerned about our image, it's well past time he cut his losses and jettisons these three.

Developing and implementing a comprehensive program of flight security that makes effective use of available intelligence and specifically targets potential terrorists while minimizing the inconvenience to the rest of the traveling public.

Until Obama decides to take concrete steps to combat terrorism, and stops acting like an anti-establishment, protesting, community organizer, he will continue to not only be looked upon as being weak, he will be weak; and it will end up being innocent Americans who will have to pay the price.