Democrat electoral prospects worsening (updated)

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, incumbent Democrats are deciding to avoid the wrath of voters next year. Democrat Senator Chris Dodd announces his retirement today, joining North Dakota's Democrat incumbent Senator Byron Dorgan. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter announced last night that he will not run for reelection to a second term thenRichard Baehr comments:Actually, Dodd's announcement hurts our side. Dodd was almost a certain loser. Likely to replace him as Dem nominee is Richard Blumenthal, an obnoxious very aggressive state attorney general, who has served for nearly two decades and is very popular in the state. I move Connecticut from lean GOP to lean Democratic with Dodd out. Blumenthal has done a lot of damage at attorney general level working with others around the country, including Eliot Spitzer.The very best case for the GOP in the Senate: all 6 vulnerable Dems lose (Reid, Biden, Bennett in Colorado, Blanche Lincoln, Specter, and Giannoulias, and the GOP  holds NH,...(Read Full Post)