The 7-11 of Democratic fundraising outfits

It appears several members of Congress are engaged with Erickson & Company, a fundraising outfit located in Washington D.C.  Erickson stages congressional fundraising events for Democratic representatives and senators. 

What's peculiar about this sort of fundraising you ask?  Seems these events are not held for constituents in their districts or states, they take place in or near Washington D.C. where Erickson facilitates meetings between members of Congress and corporate lobbyists.  And, did I mention Erickson typically charges lobbyists thousands of dollars for the privilege of meeting a representative or senator.  In the end Erickson takes their cut and the member of Congress gets their cut.

There are twelve democrats listed on Erickson & Company's website.  The list includes Heath Shuler, Lois Capps, Michael Capuano, Ben Cardin, Diana DeGette, Eliot Engel, Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Carolyn McCarthy, Bill Pascrell, Adam Schiff, and Allyson Schwartz.  Do not overlook that each of these people have e-mail addresses with Erickson as well - not to mention Erickson's headquarters are located next to the National Democratic Club and the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. 

Sounds like a fundraisers 7-11 store.  Open twenty-four hours a day and a convenient system to raise funds and influence legislators.  According to Democrats and the main stream media, it's the Republicans that have the cozy relationships with lobbyists. 

Don't hold your breath waiting to see this reported by the main stream media.


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