Big Bad Bill and Dem FOB's

Corruption by Democrats in New Mexico so commonplace that it is becoming an expectation that state newspapers will have a front-page scandal story du jour. Readers are seldom disappointed. Our globetrotting, celebrity fan governor, Bill Richardson, who seems to spend more time in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara than Los Alamos and Santa Fe, and a Democrat-dominated legislature, have managed to take this beautiful state from a $1 billion budget surplus four years ago to a looming $500+ million deficit in the current fiscal year. While much of that surplus has been squandered on Big Bill's Boondoggles such as a spaceport and an under-utilized, rapid transit system between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, which cost hundreds of millions to build and runs $15 million in the red each year, a significant amount has been lost in the questionable investment of state funds by FOB's, Friend's of Bill, who have managed to rake off  lucrative commissions while losing almost $200 million from state...(Read Full Post)