Reid's fake 'praise me' apologies

The conspiratorial Harry Reid is no stranger to the fake apology (Reno Evening Gazzette, Friday, Jan 24, 1975):

Apology accepted

MAYBE IT IS unique - and certainly it is unusual - for a person to apologize to newspapers.

So said unsuccessful U.S. Senate candidate and former Lt. Gov. Harry Reid Thursday night in a Reno speech to Young Democrats.

He then issued a full and "sincere apology to the publishers, editors and reporters of the Reno newspapers" and said he hopes "they will accept it in the spirit of good faith and honesty in which it is made."

That seems fair. We accept.

Harry Reid, an intense young politician, got caught up in a poorly managed campaign and became quite disillusioned with his loss.

He acknowledged that in his apology to the Gazette and Journal - "I feel that mistakes in judgment contributed heavily to my defeat. . . But one mistake - above all others - weighs heavily on me. In the dark hours following the election, I said that I believed the Reno newspapers had a vendetta against me ... that statement was made at a time of deep disappointment."

It takes courage to admit when you're wrong.

Harry Reid has demonstrated such courage.

And just as the Gazette spoke its editorial views with vigor in criticizing Reid's bad campaign judgment we commend him today for his candor in acknowledging his errors.

In other words...when a Democrat is exposed and can't get away with selling pork pies he makes a praise-me apology. Then, the media praises him. Or her.

Er, sound familiar? Conspiratorial Reid is defined as man of "courage" who we must ritually "commend" for his "candor."

Besides, the Democrat is the true victim who was simply a young man "caught up" in one of those "poorly managed" campaigns.