The audacity of unchecked corruption

In the eyes of the corruptocracy of the left, which group is evil and which is morally pure:  SEIU thugs or US Navy SEALs?  It seems to be no contest. 

Imagine if you will (as Rod Serling used to say) that innocent US citizen Kenneth Gladney, who gave away "Don't Tread on Me" flags outside of a Missouri town hall meeting, instead gave out SEIU buttons at a pro-labor rally.  Also imagine that instead of being surrounded and beaten by SEIU thugs, he was attacked by US Navy SEALs.  Would the treatment by the legacy media be the same?  Would the County Prosecutor be as reticent in pursuing prosecution of the SEALs as he currently is with SEIU?

Now imagine Kenneth's brother Keith protesting the inaction of the prosecutor and the county government, and rewarded by being fired from his county job in apparent retaliation.  And, for maximum punishment value, he is fired just before Christmas.   I'm sure our vigilant media would express outrage beyond measure at the SEALs and the St. Louis County officials responsible.

Unfortunately, the sad state of our current Orwellian reality is that the SEIU thugs continue to skate prosecution after beating an innocent citizen to a pulp, and dissent is crushed.

Oh, and three US Navy SEAL heroes capture a terrorist who murdered Americans and mutilated their bodies.  They give him a fat lip in the process.  They must immediately be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.  The legacy media concurs. 

This ongoing hypocrisy and corruption, unchecked by the legacy media, is reshaping our nation. God help us. 

Andrew Thomas

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