Have a happy, white elephant Christmas

Christmas is a time for gift exchanging and grab bags. A "White Elephant Gift Exchange" is when everyone brings a worthless gift-wrapped present to a party with the anticipation of bringing something equally worthless home. A "Secret Santa Gift Exchange" is the same except the presents are supposed to be worthwhile. A president's first year in office is like an opened Christmas present to his country. This year, the majority of Americans now know the "Democrat Secret Santa" duped them. Our 44th President is but a cleverly packaged White Elephant. Ho, ho, ho.


According to ancient Southeast Asia legend, a White Elephant was sacred and therefore a great honor to own. The ancient Southeast Asian monarchs collected the rare creatures, and on certain occasions bestowed them as a great "gift of honor." The problem with owning a White Elephant back then was that the upkeep of feeding a large pachyderm could be bankrupting since, being holy, it could not be used for work. On occasion, the monarchs particularly enjoyed giving White Elephants to noblemen they did not care for because of the hardships they knew it would cause.


Today a White Elephant refers to a possession of no practical value that is high maintenance. Presently, the great White Elephant of our time is President Obama. Like the famous White Elephants of Southeast Asia, he is valueless to his people and immensely costly to maintain. Wherever our President goes and whatever he does costs us money and jobs, and, to our chagrin, we are stuck with this White Elephant for at least the next three Christmases.

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