Two happy outcomes for kids in court at Christmas

Two heart-aching long-running legal battles involving children have fantastic outcomes just in time for Christmas!

Within a few hours, we may get the confirmation that 9-year-old Sean Goldman is on the plane flying home with his REAL father, David Goldman, to be with his REAL family in his REAL home, the United States of America.

This will end the five-year custody battle that David Goldman has waged in Brazilian courts.   David's ex-wife had illegally taken their baby to Brazil years ago, and when she died, her relatives refused to gave Sean back to his bio-dad.

Thanks to the Bring Sean Home Foundation, with 54,000+ members on Facebook.

The good news for 17-year-old Rifqa Bary is that she will NOT be forced to return to her Muslim parents, whom Rifqa believes will "honor kill" her because of her conversion to Christianity.  

Rifqa ran away to a Florida Christian congregation earlier this year.   A court there ordered her back to Ohio to a foster family while a possible "reunification" with her parents was being considered.  Her family's attorney had required that Rifqa be cut off from all contact with the outside world the past few months--she has not been able to use the Internet or receive mail.

While Rifqa's case has been pending,  20-year-old Noor Almaleki was critically injured and later died from an "honor killing in Phoenix, Arizona in November.   Noor's father is being prosecuted for murdering her by running her over with his car because she was too "Westernized."

Yesterday, the Ohio judge ruled that Rifqa does NOT have to go back to her parents for now, she does not have to undergo any "mediation" with them, and the communications "embargo" placed on her by her parents is lifted!  (there will be a trial in 2010 on this matter, and her parents are trying to force her into medication and counseling with a Muslim therapist, so this case will still need monitoring.)

The main  question in the Rifqa Bary case is why is one young girl who converted out of Islam being persecuted by the "political correctness police" and  the  U.S.  legal system ?  Her parents are being represented by the well-funded Muslim-interest organization CAIR (see  Pamela Geller's article explaining the continuing issues on American )

Here  is a website with information on how to send Rifqa Bary a Christmas card.

Congratulations and  thank-yous in the Rifqa Bary case to:

--Pamela Geller, publisher of, who has tirelessly championed Rifqa's case with her many postings and public appearances, her organization of support groups and "court-house" monitoring by Patriots who took time out of their lives to come from all over the country to see justice be done...

--Robert Spencer, of Jihad Watch, a leader of the movement to expose Islamic terrorism in the U.S.

Thank you to all good freedom-loving Americans who wrote, called, drove, marched, watched and helped guard the interests of these two children.

Thy Will be child at a time.

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