A Christmas Message from Lloyd Marcus

Dear Fellow Patriots, After meeting you on three tours across America (the Stop Obama tour and Tea Party Express tours I & II) I feel we are family. Though I am black and most of you in attendance at the rallies have been white, we embraced as brothers and sisters because we share conservative values and a love for our country. What I am about to share has little political relevance. It is simply a candid expression of my gratitude and a testimony to how anything can happen in this glorious experiment called America. Last Christmas, because I was selected by my congressman to decorate an ornament for the White House Christmas tree, my wife Mary and I were invited by Laura Bush to a reception at the White House. The White House sent me a six by six inch silver plastic ball with specific instructions. The theme of my design must reflect my state (Florida) in a red, white and blue color scheme. Also, the decorated ornament must be returned by a specific date in the same box in which...(Read Full Post)