Warming's 'Pentagon Papers' continues to unravel the fraud.

Charles Martin, writing at Pajamas Media has done an incredible job in sorting through the material from the CRU computers put online and is making sense of it.  He says the material appears authentic (and to date no one has disputed its authenticity), "incendiary," and predicts they will have a seismic impact on the scientific community, shaking the foundations of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the reputations of a number of  scientists who were the principle  proponents of  that theory. Each of his conclusions  is supported by the reference numbers of the online documents which support it. For example: The emails suggest the authors co-operated covertly to ensure that only papers favorable to CO2-forced AGW were published, and that editors and journals publishing contrary papers were punished. They also attempted to "discipline" scientists and journalists who published skeptical information. See for example emails...(Read Full Post)