Graph of the Day for November 22, 2009

"In the San Francisco Bay Area, four East Bay cities... announced late last year they were forming the East Bay Green Corridor Partnership... ‘to lead the world in environmental innovation, emerging green business and industry, green jobs, and renewable energy'...  The issue has become part of the presidential campaigns. Barack Obama is calling for a $150 billion green-collar jobs program. Hillary Clinton projects 5 million renewable energy ‘jobs of the future.' Even John McCain calls green technology the ‘path to restore the strength of America's economy.'"

Source:  The
Communist Party USA, "Green Economy & Green Jobs, an overview". 

Renewable Energy Consumption in the Nation's Energy Supply, 2008

Source:  US Dept. of Energy, Energy Information Administration

Hoven's Index for November 22, 2009

Percentage of electricity generation from renewable sources that is from conventional hydroelectric dams:  67%.

Percentage from wind:  14%.

Source:  DOE

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