'The People of this Country are Suffering'

Organizing for America – the organization that gift wraps and sells Barack Obama to the American public – is sponsoring a “Health Video Reform Challenge” in order to stimulate creative filmmakers into packaging Obama’s health care plan for national consumption.Twenty finalists in the video challenge were chosen by a “Panel of Experts” that include Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania, an Iraq War veteran.Of the finalists, the video entitled “Saber Speaks” is blatantly disrespectful and exceedingly disturbing.  The video displays a graffiti artist having his way with the painted image of the American flag on a concrete wall.  Random messages such as ‘Epilepsy” “Pre-existing conditions” “Homeless” and “The People of this Country are Suffering” are sprayed haphazardly across Old Glory until the stars and stripes are...(Read Full Post)