Progressives who 'out' Jews

The Center for American Progress is a powerful Washington, D.C.-based think-tank that has as its main benefactors George Soros and his allies and political soul-mates, Herbert and Marion Sandler, who are also major benefactors. The Center (CAP) has become a one-stop shop for staffing the Obama administration with key officials (Van Jones hailed from the CAP and returned to his sinecure there when his radical ideas became known to the rest of us).

Bloomberg news titled an article about the Center this way "Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font." The CAP promises to become a hydra-headed beast as it expands its mission to promote the Obama agenda by, among other methods, hiring people to attack unfavorable to Obama media outlets.

One of their Senior Fellows is Eric Alterman. Who is he? Well, he is a left-winger who writes for The Nation; but he also is someone who felt no compunction in "outing" journalists as being Jews. Of course, he only did that in the context of their support for Israel. This is doubly shameful because he blends quite easily into charges that these journalists have dual loyalty and a tinged with treason.

Alterman had scathing criticism for a wide range of groups that support a string America-Israel alliance. But then he went onto to blame "Jewish voices in the punditocracy" and listed a long line of Jews who happen to be pundits or journalists.

This is what the Center for American Progress considers work worthy of a Senior Fellow.
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