Obama's hogging of credit has plumbed a new low

Barack Obama's ugly habit of claiming credit for the work of others has reached a new level of absurdity. His flacks at the White House are crediting him with the apprehension of terror suspect Najibullah Zazi.  IBD is on the case:Zazi was reportedly tracked down through the CIA's discovery of his communications with a high-level al-Qaida contact. But to hear the White House describe it, you'd think a satellite was transmitting real-time video to the Situation Room showing Zazi as he drove across the country."Senior officials added the case to Obama's daily intelligence briefing in the Oval Office," the Washington Post was told by presidential aides, after which "the case quickly piqued Obama's curiosity and led to what aides called an intensive three-week White House focus on the case." ....... the commander in chief managed to laser in on the Zazi case at a point when the professionals "had only fragmented information about Zazi."IBD puts this...(Read Full Post)