Time Magazine admits Book Ghostwritten

Time Magazine has blown the lid on a secret ghost writer for one of the most well known political figures of our day and that person is... Sarah Palin. That's right! Not President Obama but Sarah Palin whose book titled Going Rogue: An American Life is set for release soon.

But with a few weeks to go until the book hits shelves on Nov. 17, the biggest shocker so far is the sheer speed with which she wrote it. The former Alaska governor penned the 400-page tome in just four months, finishing well before the planned spring release date. So how the heck did she do it? (snip)

Palin had help. Editorial sidekicks are par for the course in political memoirs, though ghostwriters say many pols are heavily involved in the writing process.

What evidence do they cite? Well the author doesn't cite any but does say who the ghost writer is:

Palin's assist came from Lynn Vincent, a writer for the Christian news magazine WORLD, who has also co-authored several other books.

Vincent is mum on the collaboration; a confidentiality agreement forbids her from divulging any details.

So the only evidence that it was ghost written was a denial by the supposed ghost writer? The MSM, never one to let a lack of evidence get in the way of a juicy story about a conservative, just assumes the case and proceeds on with the rest of the article as if it was a foregone conclusion.

Compare this Time magazine story, and its abysmal lack of evidence, with the wealth of evidence provided by previous American Thinker articles authored by Jack Cashill and James Simpson.

So where is Time Magazine on the ghost writer for the years ago published book - Dreams from My Father, supposedly written by President Obama -- well, they are too busy digging up dirt on a yet to be released book by Sarah Palin.
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