Obama voters have let down their leader

As Obama flails about, a very few of his fans are beginning to notice he can't deliver.  His image sold to the public during the campaign was as phony as a David Axelrod astroturf group shilling for Commonwealth Edison. But for those who bought into him hook line and sinker, failure needs rationalization. Reality is intruding. Barack Obama never ran anything. And it shows to those not blinded by the light from the light worker. He is making it up as he goes along, letting others sweat the details. As a result, there is no coordination, no cross communication.  They can't keep their stories straight. He is having trouble delivering on his promises. A lot of them turn out to be a lot more complicated than they seemed to the faculty lounge theorist mind of Obama. Say, closing Gitmo.So, as Obama accomplishes nothing much domestically, and proves himself to be a naïf in the geopolitical realm, his true believers have a lot of rationalizing to do. He remains, to...(Read Full Post)